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Sathish Muthulingam

I explored the world of homeopathy at the age of 17. It all began when my mother suffered from a serious 3rd degree burn. I took her immediately to the general hospital and was then later consulted privately. For 18 months, there were no large changes to be seen. One of my friends suggested going to his dad, a homeopath, for treatment. I made a choice to see if this was the answer for the burn and I was right, it was the solution. A few pills were given and after 3 months my mother was totally recovered. For me, it was a wonder; a miracle.

When I was 19, I decided to study homeopathy at Hahnemann Academy, Colombo and continued for 3 years. I graduated DHMS in 1998. I was later offered the job of assistant homeopath for Dr Joseph. In the meantime I followed Acupuncture at the Open International University for Complementary therapy under Professor Anton Jeyasuriya, graduated in 1999.  I was satisfied with this and took my studies in homeopathy even further. For my higher studies, I moved abroad to the United Kingdom and studied at the London College of Classical Homeopathy.  While studying I began my own practice. I have also gained post graduate qualification from Allen College of Homeopathy under the supervision of Dr Subrata Banerjee and Cease protocol from Dr Tina Smith. I have also gained qualification in Nutrition.

My main practice areas are Autism, Eczema and Vitiligo. I treat wide range of conditions, but have particular interest in autism as more and more autistic cases were coming to my practice and I decided I should help to change their lives. Then I was qualified in CEASE qualification. Now I take care of many autistic cases and as well as helping many more around the globe.

I am proud of my progress I have done and finally come to a position where I dreamed of being. Now, I have cured many patients and I am very excited to take on further challenges that await me. That is why I have been successful in qualifying for functional medicine, which I now use on many patients.

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