Cease Therapy


CEASE Therapy, is a homeopathic detox protocol developed by Dr Tinus Smits in Holland. It is a way of working with autistic children that continues to be developed and enhanced by homeopaths. The aim of CEASE treatment is systematic detoxification of the causes of illness, leading to step by step improvement and restoration of health in the individual.

CEASE therapy practitioners focus on the cause of the illness and will spend quality time on an intake to assess potential insults including environmental toxins, dental work, medications, emotional symptoms, illnesses and more. During pregnancy and the first two years of life the brain is extremely vulnerable and should be protected as much as possible. Medication during and after pregnancy, especially vaccinations are very toxic to the young child’s brain. All these factors play their part in contributing to these spectrum condition and are taken into consideration when working with autistic children.

Patient with autistic spectrum condition is not able to detoxify toxins, medicines, vaccinations, an unhealthy environment or bad food. The body is not able to nurture and protect itself in an effective way. Children, in particular babies and young children, are very sensitive to toxins and in the case of Autism the toxins have overloaded the system with an accumulation of stress factors.

The focus of CEASE is to remove energetic blockages by utilizing Isopathy (a form of homeopathy) remedies and then support the system with inspiring and classical homeopathy as well as controlled diet, uniquely applied to each client’s situation and circumstances.

CEASE Therapy is one of many tools of the homeopathic medical practice. Whilst CEASE is linked with the treatment of autistic spectrum conditions, it is also now being widely used successfully to treat other diseases such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and skin problems where the immune system is compromised.

It is a well-researched and established method found to be incredibly effective but is not a quick fix. It is a process that needs time and patience to allow the body and brain to recover. Parents who are willing to think outside of the box can see great results and outcome for their children, sometimes after couple of visits.

For more information on CEASE Therapy please visit www.cease-therapy.com.

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